Sonsiris brings a spirit of wholeness to her healing arts. She is a champion for social justice and will tenaciously defend a cause or speak out for the voiceless. She is a gifted preacher and poet who empowers others to express themselves critically and creatively by modeling freedom and joy in a safe and loving environment.

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testimony (spiritual direction)

After one session with Sonsiris, I knew that spiritual direction will be an important part of my self-care plan. I had put it off because of the other modes by which I care for myself. I now know that those other modes address my emotional and physical well-being while spiritual direction helps support my spiritual well-being.

Sonsiris has helped me interpret my spiritual life and is helping me develop my gifts. She directs me to new understandings of the Spirit. She empowers me in my calling.  She thoughtfully listens and reflects my thoughts to me in a new light. Sonsiris has a wise and gentle spirit. She is surely gifted for this work.

Rev. Tracy Siegman, Pastor

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