testimony (preaching)

Sonsiris preached one of the most memorable sermons ever preached in our church. She was creative and gave our congregation great ideas for evangelism. She connected nature and God in a way I had never thought of and I am so glad that she did. I have never looked at trees swaying in the wind the same again. Sonsiris was knowledgeable, interesting, and really kept the congregation wanting more of her unique style of preaching.

Amy Sida Rickard

testimony (house blessing)

Sonsiris provided a blessing upon our home and upon our relationship within this home. She was professional and as she worked and prayed she included those around us into the circle of learning and commitment. We asked for our love to be renewed and a cleansing of the house so love could blossom in this house and in the neighborhood. We have been blessed for a renewal of our commitment to one another, our love for one another and our relationship. I would recommend Sonsiris as a healer, prophetic voice, Spirit guide and prayer warrior. Thank you Sonsiris!

Kathleen Ellis

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